Time for an Improvement

The Remodeling Futures Program at Harvard University predicts that the nation’s homeowners will spend $321 billion in renovations this year. Grab a piece of the pie and be a part of this growing trend!

Join us for the 41st Annual BMHBA Home Show and showcase your expertise! Whether it be green building, cabinets, bathrooms, decks, or landscaping, there are homeowners that need You! Your experience will create pleasing living spaces and increase home values for the upcoming anticipated spring housing boom!

Many homeowners want to do the job themselves – YIKES! Here are a few reasons why they need YOU!

A contractor will save a homeowner time and money by doing it right the first time!

  • Sure, HGTV and DIY networks make it all look SO easy, but a contractor has the experience to avoid costly mistakes and setbacks!
  • Contractors have seen it all, and can help you budget for unexpected obstacles that you might not see coming! They also have resources to find the materials you need at the right price.
  • Licenses, permits, insurance, workers comp. Homeowners don’t want (or need) to worry about these details. Let your contractor take care of everything.

BMHBA knows that as a professional remodeler, you have the answers to these questions and more. The only question left is…How many new home owners will you reach?

CLICK HERE to reserve your booth at the 2018 BMHBA Home Show!

For more facts about the future of Bismarck-Mandan, view the Bismarck and Mandan Housing Demand Analysis – 2030.


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