Attention Insurance Professionals!

Take advantage of Bismarck-Mandan’s thriving communities and housing expansion by participation in the BMHBA 2018 Annual Home Show. This is your opportunity to meet and greet over 7,000 consumers, many looking to buy homes.

In the next 15 years, the population of Bismarck-Mandan is expected to climb by nearly 30,000 residents.

The growing population will bring new housing demands and with it, the need to insure single family, multi-family, and rental properties and contents. These new citizens will be looking for a trustworthy agent to show them the basics of buying homeowners insurance.

Here are some of the top questions homeowners are asking today.

  • How much coverage do I need?
  • What does homeowners insurance really cover?
  • What is the difference between the vast amount of insurance companies?
  • Do I need flood insurance?
  • What is an umbrella policy, and do I need it?
  • Do I qualify for any discounts?

BMHBA knows that as an agent, you have the answers to these questions and more. The only question left is…How many new home owners will you reach?

CLICK HERE to reserve your booth at the 2018 BMHBA Home Show!

For more facts about the future of Bismarck-Mandan, view the Bismarck and Mandan Housing Demand Analysis – 2030.

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